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Piercing Supplies

When shopping for professional wholesale piercing supplies, you must ensure that your tools are worthy of your craft. It doesn’t matter how amazing you are as a piercer if your equipment isn’t as good as it should be. Luckily, we take your piercing supplies as seriously as you do. We do the hard part by thoroughly inspecting each tool and body jewelry piece to guarantee the highest quality. All you have to do is place your order and feel secure that you can trust your equipment.

Quality control is our topmost priority, which is why we carefully inspect each item before we send them to our customers. We know the paramount importance of piercing equipment safety, and we make extra sure that all of our products achieve the highest standards. That’s why our customers return again and again; they know that they can trust our offerings.

We provide all of the wholesale body piercing supplies that you might need, including hollow piercing needles, clamps, and a wide variety of body jewelry options. We want our customers to feel well-equipped and well-informed, so let’s take a closer look at our body jewelry supplies and what you need to look for to ensure that your piercing equipment and supplies are top-notch. 

What are the must-have piercing supplies?

While you should stock up on a wide variety of wholesale piercing tools, some equipment is up to your personal piercing style. For example, some piercers prefer freehand while others like to make use of clamps to guide the piercing process.

That being said, there are a few piercing musts that every piercer needs in their toolbox. Here, you’ll find all of the bulk piercing supplies you need.

Ethylene oxide gas-sterilized piercing needles

Perhaps obviously, every piercing studio needs a bulk supply of piercing needles. These are what you will use to conduct the piercing itself. For the safety of your clients, your piercing needles should be made of 316L surgical steel and laser-cut for sharpness. Our piercing needles are EO gas sterilized and sterile packaged to ensure medical-grade hygiene. They also feature a laser-cut bevel edge for ease of use. We offer a variety of gauges (needle thickness) to accommodate many types of piercings. 

It’s important to note that piercing guns should not be used in any reputable piercing studio. The Association of Professional Piercers has labeled these tools as unsafe because they cannot be properly sterilized and because they use blunt force, which can damage tissue.

Body piercing jewelry

You must have wholesale body piercing jewelry if you run a piercing studio. While not all studios will offer body jewelry for regular sale, you still need a wide range of sizes and style options for the initial jewelry. These styles should include captive bead rings, a variety of barbell options including straight, curved, and circular, as well as nose hoops, nipple and navel rings, and more. In addition, consider offering loose parts, like posts or attachments, for fully customizable pieces. We offer a huge range of body piercing jewelry in materials suitable for initial piercings, like 316L surgical steel and ASTM F-136 titanium. All of these are hypoallergenic and safe for use in delicate healing piercings.

Wholesale piercing clamps

Those who prefer to use clamps will love our selection of disposable clamp options. We have a few different styles, including rounded tops, triangle-shaped, slotted Pennington clamps (a piercer favorite), and more. The clamps you choose will depend on your personal preference as well as the piercings you plan to conduct; you might find that you prefer some clamp shapes for certain piercings. Because our piercing clamps are disposable, it’s a good idea to have a bulk selection on-hand to fulfill all your piercing needs.

Advantages of pre-sterilized and individually packaged supplies

Because piercings appear within the body, you must ensure that your piercing equipment boasts the highest levels of hygiene. This means that it needs to be compliant with medical-grade sterilization. Pre-sterilized and individually packaged wholesale piercing supplies help you guarantee that your tools are completely free from microbes.

Our wholesale piercing tools are pre-sterilized using ethylene oxide gas sterilization. This method, employed by medical professionals, sterilizes equipment at a low heat, which allows full sterilization of materials like plastic. Immediately after sterilization, each piece is individually packaged, ensuring that there is no contamination during travel or storage.

Full sterilization of equipment that directly touches the piercing, such as piercing clamps, needles, and body jewelry, is imperative. While you can use chemicals to disinfect certain supplies (like your piercing table), disinfection will not fully eliminate all microbes like sterilization will. This distinction is minor but essential; disinfection is not enough to ensure piercing safety.

Although you can sterilize certain products in an autoclave sterilizer within your studio, pre-sterilized wholesale body piercing equipment allows you to feel secure knowing that everything has been properly sterilized by a professional. Your clients can also feel safe as they watch you open each and every tool before using it on their bodies.

Which materials to look for

316L surgical steel

Steel can be used in piercings as long as it is biocompatible. Some steel grades contain alloys that are not appropriate for use in the body and must be avoided. However, 316L surgical steel is safe for use within the body and will not cause any issues. It’s also heat and corrosive-resistant, due to its low carbon, easy to clean, and it should stand the test of time, even with constant wear.

ASTM F-136 titanium

Like steel, titanium is also safe for use in piercings as long as it’s the proper grade. Titanium has surpassed steel as the most common initial jewelry choice, and it’s currently the most recommended by piercers. Titanium can be made into multiple colors using anodization, making it a versatile and beautiful body jewelry material choice.

925 sterling silver

Although silver is not a suitable choice for initial jewelry, it creates a beautiful look in a healed piercing. As one of the less expensive precious metals, it’s ideal for customers who want something high-end that won’t break the bank. Although it has a reputation for tarnishing, this can be avoided by wearing the jewelry, so it’s a great choice for those who want something they can wear forever. 


Although gold is a less popular body jewelry choice due to its cost, it can be a great option for those who are looking to splurge. Because gold is so malleable, body piercings shouldn’t be purer than 18K. Gold typically isn’t worn in healing piercings, even though it is safe to do so, as it’s expensive and initial jewelry may need to be changed to accommodate swelling, however, it looks fantastic in healed piercings.


This type of plastic is a form of Teflon and is biocompatible as long as it is ASTM F754 compliant. Some benefits of PTFE are that it is flexible, making it ideal for areas of the body that see a lot of movement, and it’s very lightweight. It also won’t appear on X-rays or mess with medical equipment, making it ideal for those who must see the doctor frequently. 


This is another biocompatible plastic that offers similar benefits to PTFE. It’s also hypoallergenic, so it’s ideal for those who have sensitive skin, and you can find transparent options for those who need their piercings to be subtle. It is approved by the U.S. FDA for implantation, so it is highly safe to use in your piercings. 


Another plastic material, acrylic, offers the flexibility of BioFlex and PTFE, but it can be irritating to the skin, so it’s not recommended for those with skin sensitivities. Because it’s versatile, lightweight, and colorful, it remains a popular option for piercing jewelry, but only for fully healed piercings. 

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How to store and maintain piercing supplies

As always, piercing supplies must be stored hygienically to ensure safety. Pre-sterilized, individually packaged wholesale body piercing supplies must be kept in an immaculately clean area, and their packaging must remain intact. Before using any tool on a client, inspect the packaging to ensure that it has not been compromised. If it has, the equipment is not sterile, and it can’t be used.

Multi-use tools must be sterilized using an autoclave sterilizer in between uses. An autoclave sterilizer looks a bit like a microwave, and it uses heat and pressure to fully sterilize equipment. Because it uses a high temperature, tools that contain plastic cannot be sterilized in one. Once you’ve sterilized your equipment, you must immediately package each item so that it stays free from harmful microbes.

This is why many piercers prefer to purchase pre-sterilized disposable piercing equipment. These take the pressure away, as you don’t have to worry about ensuring sterilization yourself. A professional has already done that for you.

When it comes to your body jewelry, each piece must remain in its packaging until it is sold to your client. If you do take the jewelry out of its packaging, it must be autoclave sterilized before selling it to your client.

Savvy clients will know to look for pre-packaged tools and jewelry for their safety. Because of this, you should always open each package in front of them so that they can rest assured that the piercing tools are fresh and clean. Disposable piercing supplies offer an easy way for you to ensure that all of your tools are safe.

It’s also important to note that chemical cleaners are not enough to fully sterilize equipment. Tools that require sterilization must undergo autoclave sterilization or be pre-sterilized using ethylene oxide gas. These include any tools that are at risk of spreading bloodborne pathogens, including needles and clamps. Supplies that only require disinfection (which kills most, but not all, microbes) can be cleaned with disinfecting solutions that are broad-spectrum and hospital-grade.

When preparing and handling piercing supplies, it’s required by law that you wash your hands thoroughly and use gloves. Any time that your hands or gloves become contaminated—for example, if you touch your face—then you must change your gloves. You should have procedures in place as to when you change your gloves. They will need to be changed multiple times in a single procedure as you open different packaging and work on your client. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and when in doubt, opt for a glove change.

As for piercing needles, they can only be used once, even though they can be autoclave sterilized. This is because needles lose a significant amount of their sharpness even after a single use. If you were to use a needle twice, you might damage your client’s tissue during the second round. Therefore, you must stock up on bulk piercing needles to ensure that you have plenty on hand to conduct the piercings that your customers want. 

Why buy wholesale

Buying wholesale body piercing tools and jewelry allows you to offer top-notch services to your clients. In order to complete your craft, you need a wide array of tools to suit a variety of needs. Stocking up on high-quality, wholesale piercing equipment and supplies allows you to focus on your art form rather than worrying about your tools.

Wholesale piercing supplies come at a cheaper price than retail items, which means that you save money. We apply strict quality control policies to ensure the highest quality wholesale products around.

Although buying bulk piercing supplies ensures that you always have the tools that you need on hand, we do not require a minimum quantity per order. This allows us to provide quality tools and jewelry to piercing studios of any size. We’re also super convenient; conduct all of your shopping online and receive your orders at your doorstep within days. 

Our selection of piercing supplies promises the utmost safety. As a piercer, you know that the quality of your equipment goes beyond offering a great service. When you invest in high-quality supplies, you set your clients up for a safe healing period. Even though most piercing complications occur due to poor aftercare practices, some arise in the piercing studio. If you have poor supplies, your clients have an increased risk of piercing rejection, infection, or other nasty issues. When you buy wholesale piercing supplies through us, you minimize that risk for your clients.

To save money, enjoy convenience, and guarantee safety and ease to your clients, choose our wholesale piercing supplies today.

Recommended products

Piercing needles

Every studio must have a bulk collection of piercing needles in a variety of gauges and sizes. Our EO gas-sterilized piercing needles are individually packaged and ready for use. We offer a range of gauges (needle thickness) to accommodate a variety of piercings, and we even offer curved needles to help you pierce those hard-to-reach places. Most piercings will be pierced between 12G and 16G, so it’s great to have quite a few of those on hand, but our needles range from 8G to 20G.

Cannula needles

Although most piercing studios in the U.S. use hollow piercing needles, we also offer cannula needles for those who prefer this method. Those who opt for cannula needles love their ease of use; the plastic backing can be left in the fresh piercing, allowing you to easily and safely slip the jewelry into the piercing without damaging the brand-new piercing tunnel. Our cannula needles are available from 22G – 14G, made of implant-grade 316L surgical steel, and are EO gas sterilized.

Body jewelry

Although not everyone needs a plethora of jewelry options for your clients, you do need to have a wide range of initial piercing jewelry with which to fill fresh piercings. We recommend 316L surgical steel or ASTM F-136 titanium as these are inexpensive and hypoallergenic. Keep in mind that many piercings will need to be filled with longer jewelry pieces to accommodate initial swelling. You can then recommend to your clients that they return to switch to a flusher fitting piece when swelling has gone down.

Piercing clamps

Piercing clamps and forceps can be used for a number of reasons. Many piercers use them to keep tissue in place during piercing, and others like to use them to clamp sterilely onto gauze or cotton balls. They can also aid in jewelry insertion and removal. However you choose to use them, they can be an incredibly beneficial addition to your piercing arsenal.

Piercing kits

Our piercing kits come with Ethylene oxide gas sterilized hollow piercing needles and a variety of body jewelry options suitable for initial piercings—either 316L surgical steel or ASTM F-136 titanium. Our kits are the perfect way to fill up your piercing arsenal as they include the two most important tools in the piercing process: the needles and the jewelry. These are especially useful for new studios or piercers who haven’t yet had the chance to stock up on their body piercing needs.

Body jewelry displays

Displays offer a way for you to advertise your retail selection, allowing your clients to browse while they wait, perhaps enticing them toward a sale. Our body jewelry displays come ready-made with a wide selection of jewelry choices, perfect for those who have a difficult time deciding which body jewelry designs they should offer. We have a variety of attractive body jewelry displays to choose from, such as 925 sterling silver rings, premium gold nose screws, eyebrow bananas, and more. 

When shopping for wholesale piercing supplies, you need to find a supplier that is as serious about your craft as you are. That’s why we offer an amazingly wide selection of piercing needles, clamps, and body jewelry to suit your needs and the desires of your customers. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better, more reliable selection elsewhere. What are you waiting for? Get shopping now!